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5 Tips On How To Live In The Present

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Living in the present isn’t as simple as it sounds.

It’s easy to get caught up in the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s of life. We’ve all been tricked into retracing our steps down memory lane at one point or another. It’s human nature to look back, to ponder our missteps and question the possibilities of the road less traveled, but we must take care not to dwell in that land of endless unanswered questions for too long.

Learning to live fully in the present is a mindset that requires thoughtful effort for most of us. Our past is always there to remind us of where we might have gone wrong often when we’re trying to go the right way. Self-doubt, stress and worrying can keep you locked in the same patterns you’re trying so hard to escape. So, what’s the solution?

Appreciate Today

The best way to start living in the present is to appreciate what you are experiencing at this very moment. You have five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. Engage all five senses and savor the beauty and wonder that is around you right now. Take time to gaze at a beautiful flower in bloom, take more than a second to breathe in the delicious scents of the meal in front of you, marvel at the flavors bursting on your tongue or listen to the wind whistle through the leaves as you take a walk. Your world is filled with amazing things to delight you. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy them!

Don’t Worry Be Happy

It’s a catchy song but it’s also a sentiment that you should take to heart. Try to focus on what went right for you today because life is going to go on despite your fretful thoughts and sleepless nights. Accept that what’s going to occur tomorrow is going to happen no matter what. Focus your mental energy toward things you can actually control and don’t let what’s coming up next keep you from thinking positive. Remember positive thoughts attract positive energy!


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Forgive Past Hurts

People…situations and relationships can hurt. Emotional pain is one of the hardest things to heal and move on from but letting go of what has wounded you is in your best interest. Reliving negative circumstances keeps you in a stagnant place. Choose to forgive past transgressions and free yourself of the heartache weighing you down.

Get Rid Of Unneeded Possessions

Sometimes we hold on to items of our past to honor loved ones or because it’s easier than admitting it’s time to move on. Look around your space. Take stock of what you have that truly contributes to your life in a positive way. Get rid of something in your abode that doesn’t uplift or inspire you although it may be tough. Nostalgic keepsakes have their place, but those objects shouldn’t cause you pain or stress. Removing items that cause you to slip back into the dark past don’t allow you to embrace the present.


Remember to smile! It’s so easy but often forgotten. How many times have you rushed past someone never taking the time to grace another human being with a smile. You can shape your day, your attitude with the upward curve of your lips and positively influence those around you. You are in control of how you feel about your day, yourself and ultimately your life! Be present. Enjoy the moment now!

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