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What Is Past Life Regression?

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What Is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis and suggestion to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. It is often explored by those in pursuit of an enlightened spiritual experience or within a psychotherapeutic setting. Many Eastern religions believe in reincarnation – that we are all eternal beings experiencing life across the ages in different bodies and personalities. Many psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and mediums offer services to help you unlock the mysteries of who you might have been and what you could have gone through centuries ago.

Past life therapy typically begins with a person answering a series of questions while hypnotized. These questions are designed to reveal the identity and alleged events of a person’s past lives. Some psychologists challenge past life regression, stating that the “memories” recovered are the result of cryptomnesia: the process by which a forgotten memory is recalled without being recognized as a memory.

The debate about the validity of past life therapy is ongoing among professional practitioners and religious organizations. Still, there are those within the community that are convinced knowing how you lived in your past life is the key to successfully navigating through your present one.

So, what are five signs you might have had a past life?

Persistent Memories

Have you often thought you were born in the wrong time or been told that by loved ones? Persistent memories of another era could be a sign you’ve been here before.

Unreasonable Fears

Do you have unexplainable, severe fears or phobias that simply don’t make sense? Your fatal encounter in a past life might be the reason!

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Inexplicable Skills

Can you speak another language with ease? Play the piano without having a single lesson? Perhaps you acquired these skills in another century.

Inexplicable Knowledge

Can you name all the painters from the Renaissance Era without ever having studied art history? Like inexplicable skills, having unaccountable knowledge about a certain time period or subjects never studied is a positive indicator you’ve been here before.

Identifying With Another Culture

Are you drawn to Italy or France? Have you visited an exotic place, immersed yourself in a strange locale that somehow felt familiar? There’s a chance you once lived thousands of miles away from where you are living today.

Déjà vu

We’ve all had that niggling feeling that what we’re experiencing isn’t new. Frequent occurrences of déjà vu might be your subconscious mind connecting with a previous incarnation of your soul.

Past life regression therapy could be the ultimate tool in unlocking clues about your past and give you the keys to opening up a whole new perspective about how you’re living right now.

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