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How To Connect With Angels

Vintage image of a sad angel on a cemetery against the background

An angel is defined as a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent or messenger of God. Human fascination with angels has been recorded throughout the ages. Their depiction in sacred texts, art, music and folklore only seems to fuel our interest in these mysterious celestial beings.

Many believe there exists a hierarchy of angels, meaning there are different levels or ranks of these divine beings. Their appearances and tasks vary depending on their angelic status. While there are differing opinions on the roles and responsibilities of angels, those that believe are certain there are angels all around us.

We are all assigned a spirit team before even entering our human body. Your spirit team is made up of three main beings: spirit guides, guardian angels and archangels.

It is important to remember that spirit guides were once human. These angelic guides ascended to a higher level of consciousness and are assigned to you specifically because of their deep understanding of the soul lessons you need to learn in this lifetime. They are often an animal, soulmate or loved one that has crossed over. These beings will not tell you what to do, but they are willing to offer guidance, support and clarity in your life.

Guardian angels are high energy beings who are here to protect and watch out for your soul. Call upon them for protection when you feel frightened or scared and accept their comfort, guidance and reassurance.

Archangels are high ranking celestial beings and are of an extremely high vibration. Many believe guardian angels and spirit guides can be unique to an individual, but the same archangels are available to us all.

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The purpose of your spirit team is to help guide, comfort, protect and reassure your soul while here on Earth. Know that you are always surrounded by celestial beings of light and they are more than willing to help you throughout your lifetime.

Communicating with your spirit team does not require special talent contrary to what you might think. You’ve already begun opening the lines of communication between you and the celestial beings of light with your belief in their existence. Acknowledging them allows you to tune into their presence in your life. Remember angels operate on a different frequency than we do.

Adding prayer and meditation to your daily routine will deepen your connection with angels. Prayer is an intimate conversation with the Source where mediation is listening. Consider creating a sacred space to pray, meditate and call upon your angels. Use this space at the same time every day with an open your heart and simply ask for help and guidance from your spirit team.

Being outdoors, enjoying nature in all its wonder and beauty is a great way to connect with spirit and the divine. Be present while outdoors. Breathe in the wind, feel the energy of your surroundings and consider asking for a sign your angels are present. Be open and observant for whatever signs are chosen to share with you.

Understand that your spirit team wants to be in communication with you. They will find ways to make their presence known once you’ve acknowledged them and asked them to reveal themselves to you. Establish a routine of prayer, mediation, take time to explore and appreciate the world around you. Your angels will always protect you and are waiting to show you the unconditional love and support that has always been yours!

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