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Near Death Experiences

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It’s human nature to wonder what happens after we draw our last breath.  Accounts of near-death experiences have captivated nonbelievers and those that believe in an afterlife. A near-death experience (NDE) is defined as a profound psychological or spiritual event associated with death or a person’s impending death. Explanations for this incredible phenomenon is often debated, but there is no denying the impact these experiences have on those individuals that have come back from the brink of dying.

Researchers have recorded common elements in NDEs from those who have shared their stories, even though interpretation of these events tend to correspond with that person’s cultural, philosophical or religious beliefs. There are nearly 30 documented traits of NDEs.

What are the more common characteristics of an NDE?


Many described having an awareness of being dead. This is often accompanied by an out-of-body experience. Individuals have shared observing others trying to resuscitate them.


NDEs are usually the result of a traumatic event, but those that have gone through it talk about a feeling of indescribable peace. There’s a sense of oneness, an understanding of how everything fits together and an intense feeling of unconditional love.

Supernatural Encounters

There are many reports from those who have had an NDE of being reunited with deceased loves and encountering spiritual or religious beings. “Beings of Light” are often mentioned.

White Light

Being enveloped in light, moving through a tunnel toward the light and communicating with the light, are also common characteristics of NDEs.

Life In Review Or Preview

Many have shared seeing their life in review. These flashbacks of the past are sometimes judged. Others have stated being given a glimpse of the future, often of loved ones dealing with their death if they remained in the state they were currently in.

Making A Decision

Deciding whether to return to one’s body is generally part of the NDE. It isn’t always an easy choice as described by those who have come back to share the immense sense of joy and utter contentment they experienced. Many individuals claim not wanting to return to their present life but are told or warned they must go back.

In most cases, life is never the same for those that return to their physical bodies. Some people struggle with feelings of disappointment or anger and find it difficult to adjust to reality. Still, there are often positive changes in one’s personality and for some a renewed zest for life. Many share a new appreciation for the little things and a heightened sense of purpose.

Near-death experiences have been recorded since ancient times and are still one of life’s greatest mysteries. Our questions and fascination about these extraordinary events will continue to spark studies and debate in our quest to know what lies beyond this physical world.

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