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Understanding The Veil & How To Lift It

The Veil represented by a door opening in the woods

The veil is often defined as the separation between man and God in the Bible, but many believe it also separates us from the spirit realms. It would seem that this veil is impenetrable, blocking us from conscious contact with Spirit.

The truth is there is no curtain or wall between us and Spirit. The veil is our belief that we are separate from Spirit. This is an illusion, but for many it remains so, allowing those individuals to hold their perception of physical reality in place. Beloved, there is more than just our physical reality. Psychic readings can help you understand this fact.

Some would say the veil should be preserved because access to Spirit could potentially open one up to the threat of negative energy. Others believe that the veil keeps duality in place, allowing us to grow spiritually. Spiritual duality is the belief in two opposing powers, good and evil. Most of us are taught that there is always a right or wrong choice to make regarding any decision in our lives. This is another example of duality.

Stripping away these constructs enables you to view humanity as a collective. We make the best decisions or choices we can based on our life experiences. There are no wrong choices or decisions. A radical idea to most, but a necessary journey of understanding for those wanting to move past the veil.

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The ability to strip away the veil varies from person to person. Why? Because we are all at different levels of spiritual growth, but it is possible. Remember, that we are spiritual beings temporarily encased in physical bodies. It is normal and natural for us to move between the physical and spirit realms.

There are countless accounts of people who have had near-death experiences. They have returned from “the other side” to share their stories, but out-of-body experiences are not the only way to penetrate the veil. Meditation, automatic writing, hypnosis, mediumship, visualization and even your dreams can be help.

Lifting the veil can have varied benefits, such as, helping you remember past lives, contacting loved ones or your spirit guides for advice and encouragement. More importantly, lifting the veil is understanding that “the other side” is just as real, if not more so, than the physical world and far more beautiful. Know that you have never been separated from Spirit. Rejoice and embrace this fact: We are spiritual beings and our real home lies in the spirit realms.

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