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Orbs | Demystifying A Beautiful Phenomenon

Orbs visible at dusk

What Are Orbs?

The mystery and fascination regarding orbs is ongoing. These strange, magical balls continue to intrigue believers and non-believers. An orb is defined as a spherical celestial object. Think of it as a concentration of energy in a solid or gaseous state that is dense enough to produce a reflection. This reflection has been captured countless times on video and in photos. Sunlight and moonlight have aided many individuals in spotting orbs with the naked eye.

When Do You See Orbs?

Many people believe orbs are the true forms of spirits or souls, which is the reason these spheres can vary in color and sizes. It is believed by many that spiritual orbs are created by the presence of a high energy spirit. It would seem these high energy spirits are more capable of concentrating their energy in a visible form within a small space.

High vibration spirits can include guardian angels, deceased loved ones, fairies and spirit guides. In most cases, viewing an orb is a sign that you are surrounded by a friendly, loving spirit. The belief by many is that seeing an orb is a positive affirmation that you are loved, protected and watched over. You are experiencing a rare visitation method used by some but not all spirits.

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How Do You See Orbs?

The first step to seeing an orb is to believe in their existence and be open to having an encounter with one. Good lightning, high-resolution and digital cameras are also a great way to capture orbs on film. Utilizing these types of cameras gives you the ability to magnify the shot and examine every detail of the photo taken. Pay attention to your pets. Your furry loved ones can sense and see things that we mere humans cannot. Take a moment to research what the different colors of orbs may represent then figure out the message you are to receive from witnessing an orb.

Orb Sightings Equal Blessings

Orb sightings are beautiful, magical and for many deeply spiritual. Smile and know that you’re blessed when you see an orb. Accept that it’s a sign you are of the Light, filled with positive energy and protected by angels! Let our trusted psychics at Best Psychic Site help you understand orbs on an even deeper level. They can help you figure out what messages are coming to you from the other side and much more!

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