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Lemuria & Atlantis | Theories & Beliefs

Lemuria & Atlantis | Theories & Beliefs

The theories about the mythical lost civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis continue to spark interest and discussion today. Not to be confused to be one in the same, Lemuria, also know as Mu, is thought to have existed before and during the rise of Atlantis. It is believed this ancient land was located somewhere in the south Pacific or Indian Oceans.

Some scientists and theorists believe Lemuria was the home of the mother race of all mankind, an artistic, highly advanced spiritual culture. There is some disagreement regarding what these inhabitants looked like, but it is believed their kind and their homes were consumed by the sea by some unknown geological cataclysmic event.

Atlantis is a fictional island first mentioned in Plato’s works Timaeus and Critias. It believed to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean and to have been an immensely wealthy and advanced civilization. It is thought that Atlanteans were also supreme scientifically rational and spiritual people. Like Lemuria, Atlantis is thought to have been destroyed by a subterranean volcano that sunk their land.

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Possible Origns of Lemurians & Atlanteans

The exact origins of the Lemurians and Atlanteans have been up for debate for hundreds of years. Many believe the Lemurians are the ancient ancestors for Native Americans. Others think Lemurians and Atlanteans were an alien race or the inhabitants of a spiritual homeland of a more evolved species of man. The consensus among many is that both civilizations were highly advanced, spiritually-entuned beings, perhaps even conceived by gods. They understood, respected and enjoyed the beauty and fruits of their surroundings, as well as, their connection to the Source.

Present Day Lemurians & Atlanteans

There are those that question whether we ourselves are descendants of these two great civilizations, born with innate knowledge of another life and untapped spiritual gifts. Many people have claimed to be reincarnated from both places with unexplainable psychic abilities. For some, understanding and exploring what might have happened to Lemuria and Atlantis, only helps ascension on the path to spiritual awakening.

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