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What Is Paranormal?

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Ghosts, aliens, ESP, psychic abilities and cryptids are just a few examples of paranormal phenomena. Sounds like a great line up for a scary movie night, right? We love to be frightened at the theater! Horror films are hugely popular with audiences around the globe. The question is why? What is paranormal and why are we so fascinated by this subject?

Any event or phenomenon not yet explained by current scientific knowledge is considered paranormal. This is an important distinction from the term supernatural, which is any event or phenomenon that could never be explained by science. Think of explaining or trying to prove through scientific methods the existence of a god, the devil or your very soul. It’s not possible now or ever!

Why Are We Fascinated By Paranormal Phenomenon?

I think it’s human nature to wonder, whisper and fear anything we don’t understand. Our fascination regarding paranormal phenomenon has always been a part of our existence. Folklore, ancient beliefs, many rituals and age-old superstitions have stayed with us because there are still plenty of things in this beautiful world we simply can’t explain. We are captivated by these mysteries that science has yet to fully debunk, but quite possibly could in the future!

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Who's Studying the Unexplainable?

Paranormal researchers study and hunt for evidence all around the world. Believe it or not, there are many prestigious universities here in the states and abroad researching everything from parapsychology, mediumship, near-death experiences and ghosts.

Curious about aliens and UFO’s? So are many scientists and other paranormal enthusiasts. The scientific search of unicellular life within our solar system isn’t considered paranormal, unlike the hunt for extraterrestrial life in regards to UFO sightings.

Maybe you’ve always been captivated by tales of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster? Cryptozoology is the scientific study of cryptids. Cryptids are animals whose extinction or existence has not yet be confirmed. Cryptozoologists are dedicated to finding credible proof of the existence of dragons, werewolves, unicorns and much more!

What Is The Truth About Paranormal?

The truth is what is considered just another paranormal myth today might be proven to real tomorrow. It’s the exciting possibility of fiction becoming fact that will continue to keep all things paranormal at the height of human fascination and scientific research! Would you like to know more about paranormal phenomenon? Best Psychic Site is here to answer your questions and enlighten you!


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