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What’s So Magical About Egypt?


Have you always been fascinated about the mysteries of Egypt? You’re not alone! The Ancient Egyptian culture is a continued source of interest for historians, archaeologists, and enthusiasts around the world. So, what’s so magical about Egypt?

Egyptians Believed in the Power of Sacred Stones

The great pyramids are considered sacred to many people, but did you know Ancient Egyptians used other sacred stones for a variety of reasons? In a time where it was believed gods and goddesses ruled over the land and sky, certain stones and crystals were believed to hold special powers. These stones were used to heal, help with matters of the heart, ward off evil spirits, guide a lost soul to the afterlife, increase spiritual and magical powers, and much more!

Lapis lazuli, emerald, quartz, azurite and carnelian are just a few of the revered stones found buried in tombs and in the pyramids. These precious stones and more are still used by many people today for many purposes.

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Was the First Magic Practiced in Egypt?

Ancient Egyptians practiced witchcraft. Many believe this was the first form of sorcery ever practiced, which would make it the basis for all other witchcraft. Egyptian witchcraft, also known as Kemetism or Neterism, was considered their religion. There are many different religious practices based off Kemetic traditions and polytheistic beliefs.

Egyptian Neo-paganism is popular today and used in a variety of settings. Have you ever heard of Kemetic yoga? This modern discipline incorporates the teachings of the Ancient Egyptians. It’s about approaching your best life by achieving balance in the physical, spiritual, energetic and mental or emotional areas of your life.

Using Kemetic Spirituality Today

Kemetic spirituality and practices are deeply rooted in African traditions and beliefs. Today, anyone can benefit from learning principles that are truly inclusive for all. Would you like to know more about how to balance your life and maximize your health in the ways of Ancient Egypt? Perhaps you’d like to know more about the power of sacred stones? Best Psychic Site is here to help you understand more about what’s so magical about Egypt today!

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