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Crystals: What You Need to Know


Are you drawn to beautiful crystals? These semi-precious stones come in all shape, sizes and colors and many swear by their magical qualities! So, where do they come from? Crystals are found and mined all over the world, but large quantities have been located in Arizona, Mexico and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Why Are People Fascinated by Crystals?

Crystals have long been recorded as being used for a variety of emotional, physical and spiritual reasons. While some people buy crystals solely for their beauty, many believe these stones have healing properties that can help us in a myriad of ways. For crystal enthusiasts there’s more to these rocks than meets the eye! They are a tangible connection to Earth and the universe, harnessing energy from the sun, moon, and the oceans.

What Can Crystals Help You With?

Crystal healing has gained popularity as an alternative medical technique. Health spas and New Age health clinics are offering new ways to heal the mind, body and soul. Feeling stressed out? Want to ward off sickness? Maybe you’re struggling with pent-up emotions or simply want to break bad habits?

There’s a crystal for these needs and many more!

Popular Crystals and Their Uses

There are many crystals to choose from and they all have different properties. The best part about crystal healing is knowing there is no harm in trying any of them! Here are four of the most popular crystals and their uses:

Clear quartz is often called “The Master Healer.” This lovely translucent stone can be used in healing a variety of issues on a physical, mental, emotional or soul level.

Amethyst is probably one of the most recognizable crystal for its gorgeous purple hue, but did you know it can boost your inner strength, help with insomnia and can open the gateway to divine consciousness? No wonder it’s also called “The All Purpose Stone.”

Rose Quartz is often called “The Love Stone.” This pinkish stone is most commonly used for relationships and emotional traumas.

Citrine, a golden, yellowish stone is known for its amazing healing properties. It’s also often used for individuals wanting to invite more abundance into their lives.

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