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White vs Black Magic: What’s the Difference?

White vs Black Magic

Magic is a hot topic nowadays thanks to the widely popular books written by J.K. Rowlings showcasing the wonderful, and sometimes dark world of wizardry. So, what’s the difference between white and black magic? We’re going to discuss the answers to this question!

Let's About White Magic

White Magic is often referred to as “natural magic,” because of it’s ties to traditional pagan nature worship. It’s usually associated with the use of supernatural, or magical powers used for selfless purposes. White Magic is widely considered the benevolent counterpart of black magic.

Those practicing white magic believe in the mystical strength of the elements: water, air, fire and Earth. White spells practitioners are also staunch believers of the three-fold law, which states any wrongful or deceitful action included in the ritual will backfire at three times more energy. White magic is used to heal, protect and bless, and make positive dreams come to pass. Positive energy and intentions are paramount for the successful use of white magic!

What's Black Magic?

Scary witches, evil spells, hexes, curses and wicked sorcery come to mind at the mention of black magic. The major difference between white and black magic is that the latter is traditionally viewed as the use of supernatural powers or magic for evil or selfish purposes. Satanism, devil-worship, shamanism and voodoo are typically considered to be black magic. In truth, all four have their own distinct differences and practices!

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Intention Matters

Practicing white and black witches have been around for centuries and exist today. Many pagans and wiccans believe magic is magic. It’s the intention behind magic that matters! Magic used in anger, resentment, or hate are examples of negative intentions. Still, even a love spell can go awry if care isn’t taken!

The key for many “white witches,” when practicing magic is simply: harm to none. In fact, many Wiccans say, “for the good of all and harm to none,” after every spell cast. Intention truly matters where magic is concerned!

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